Coffee Beans

For the Love of Good Coffee

As any coffee lover will know, once you find the perfect blend you become very loyal to your coffee of choice! Cappuccino Xpress spent a long time searching for the perfect coffee blends that would satisfy our discerning customers. At long last we found this and have since then been serving Dante Coffee beans to a very loyal and satisfied customer base.

Dante Coffee is a boutique coffee-roasting house that specialises in distinctive roast profiles developed within their unique pre-roast and roast process. No flavouring additives are used in the production of Dante coffee.

The number one passion for Cappuccino Xpress is to brew specialty grade coffee that people love. Once we discovered the perfect coffee blend, our attention turned to how we would consistently provide this coffee through individually owned franchises across Australia. We knew that to achieve this would require working with dedicated franchisees and offering world-class training. Over the years we have accomplished our goal; all of our franchisees are fully trained and accredited Baristas who are dedicated to providing top service and the best coffee.

To consistently achieve our irresistible coffee flavours we endeavour to never forget the 4 M’s, the classic espresso training guide for great coffee:

  1. Mischela (Mixture) – this is the blend of coffee beans chosen by the roaster. A quality blend of coffee bean can result in a wonderfully tasting cup of coffee
  2. Macinazione (Grind) – the grind of the coffee bean. This is one of the most crucial parts of making a great cup of coffee. The grind setting will directly influence the quality of the coffee extraction
  3. Macchina (Machine) – high quality espresso equipment must be well maintained by the barista, along with full knowledge of how to efficiently operate the machine
  4. Mano (Hand) – the passionate hand of the barista combines all the elements of making a great coffee into practice

At Cappuccino Xpress we pride ourselves on having the best quality coffee, top-of-the-line equipment and a growing number of dedicated franchisees promoting our services in their own individual territories across Australia. If you are a coffee lover find out how you can join us by purchasing your own local coffee business with guaranteed success.

For more information about our coffee blends see our supplier’s website: Dantes Coffee (Site Pending)

If you have a similar passion for good coffee and would like to turn this into a career click here for information on franchise opportunities.