Business Security

Cappuccino Xpress offers more than a coffee van; you are investing in a complete business system.

Every day we come in contact with well-known franchises. McDonalds, Jim’s, Subway and so many others offer proof that this business model works. As a franchise holder the benefits are endless but one of the foremost benefits is the public recognition that comes with joining a nationally recognised brand.

When you join as a franchisee of Cappuccino Xpress you join a national body that sources the best food and beverage products available. The strict quality control measures put in place means that there is never a question as to the excellence of the product. When purchasing a Cappuccino Xpress franchise you will receive internationally recognised training, will become a fully qualified barista and will have access to ongoing support. These stringent processes are put in place to ensure all products and services offered by your franchise are of the finest quality.

A further factor to ensure the security of your business is our guarantee of an exclusive territory to grow your business. We only sell franchises to territories that we know to have business opportunities. If and when you decide to move on or retire you will have built an established business within a saleable territory, this will be yours to sell and is protected by law as a registered franchise.

As a member of our franchise team you will have the opportunity for regular interaction with other franchisees and the chance to discuss new marketing initiatives, equipment innovations or business opportunities.

Our franchise system is set up to ensure your success.