Coffee at Work

We want everyone to have access to premium coffee. In achieving this, Cappuccino Xpress bring our custom-built coffee vans to businesses across Australia. Our vans are individual owned by franchisees who are accredited baristas with a passion for good coffee.

Our coffee is roasted “on demand” which means customers are guaranteed of receiving the freshest coffee possible on every occasion. Cappuccino Xpress specialty coffees are blended from the finest beans and are freshly roasted in one central location to ensure the highest standards of taste and freshness.

In addition to premium coffee we also offer a range of other beverages such as our famous hot chocolate, chai tea and iced coffee. A range of sweets and savoury items are also offered to complement your coffee experience. See our full menu.

Cappuccino Xpress will deliver specialty coffee and delicious snacks to your workplace, everyday. Our mobile coffee vans:

  • Come to any location including those not serviced by traditional outlets
  • Are competitively priced
  • Are owned and operated by trained and accredited baristas, who are trained in Safe Food Handling (HACCP)
  • Make you a delicious coffee just the way you like it