Meet Ted

Photo of TedTed’s career started on the Gold Coast, QLD where he was employed as a cadet draftsman for the Gold Coast City Council. He spent 10 years as a design draftsman and a further seven years as a technical supervisor of traffic. In 1988 he left and established a flower farm at Worongary, moved into stock feed and produce and then ran a fish and chip shop at Nerang until he was elected Councillor in 2000.

This combined experience has given Ted the personal and professional skills needed to manage Cappuccino Xpress QLD. Ted is passionate and involved in the local community and enjoys working with people from all backgrounds. Ted’s experience also shows that you don’t need to have a coffee or hospitality background to be successful in Cappuccino Xpress, you just need a passion for good coffee and a love of people.

Meet Sue

Photo of SueThroughout Ted’s career his wife, Sue Shepherd, has worked alongside him and has filled many roles from running a produce store to working as chief horticulturist to head cook at the fish and chip shop. Sue has made a success of every role she has worked in, showing she has both the personal skills and the necessary expertise to work across a range of industries and positions.

Adding a few more strings to Sue’s bountiful bow is that she has a financial background, is a qualified Pony Club instructor and a Patron to many sporting groups in her local area.

Throughout the decades of working with Ted, Sue has also taken an active role in raising their family and pursuing hobbies of her own. One of these hobbies is quilting which has turned into a weekend business of selling at local markets and shows. Another one of Sue’s passions is for history which led her to create the Gold Coast Hinterland Heritage Museum of which she is the Founding President. Sue currently serves on the management committee of both the Museum and Mudgerraba Show Society.

Sue is a coffee lover who works alongside all franchisees, helping, training and assisting them to achieve their goals. After reading just highlights of Sue’s experience and skills one can rest assured that they will be working with a highly experienced, bright and people-focused mentor.

Ted and Sue are available by phone or email and would love to talk to you further about building a career with Cappuccino Xpress.

Contact Ted and Sue.